Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher is one of the better looking and clean Android launchers out there and Microsoft Garage did a really fine job with it. This week it received support for tablets, as it continues to get enhanced with features basically every month now.

This is a premiere for Android tablets, that didn’t support the launcher till this week. The last big update came in February, focused on improving the overall performance of the software. It also came with utility page that lets the user pin the functions that he uses most frequently. The new release also brings a horizontal layout option for the “all apps page”, as well as nice looking Bing wallpapers.

Extra backup and restore options are present, plus you can hide headers and configure the utility page as you please. Just like most third party launchers, Arrow comes with multiple pages, each with its own purpose. One of them can prioritize the apps you use most for example. Another page can show files recently opened and conversations recently started.

Tied in with Bing and paired with Cortana, this totally tweaks your Android tablet. You can get Arrow here for free.