We’re just a few days away from the big Microsoft Surface event, that could bring us the Surface Pro 7, new Surface Book laptops and perhaps even a foldable. Rumors keep coming in, regarding the specs of the new Surface Pro tablet and now there’s that theory again, about an ARM version.

October 2nd is when Microsoft is going to show us what’s new in the world of Surface. A Windows 10 powered premium tablet is dead certain, the Surface Pro 7. We’ve heard the basic version will go up from Core m3 to Core i3 and also keep a low price. Now, it seems that there’s another separate range of Surface Pro units, with an ARM CPU and 4G LTE. The source talks about a tablet codenamed “Campus”, that’s bezel less, except for the top and bottom bezels.

These are bigger, especially the top one, since it integrates a facial recognition camera and the bottom one has a magnet for a Type Cover QWERTY keyboard. The miniDisplayPort is swapped for an USB Type-C port and the overall look resembles the Apple iPad Pro. It feels like Surface RT all over again, but with a better mindset and concept in mind. I’m guessing a Snapdragon CPU makes it all tick and battery life is in the dozens of hours.

There’s also the “Harper” version of the Surface Pro 7, with an Intel Core processor inside, 10th gen most likely. This model also replaces the miniDisplayPort with an USB Type-C port. We’re curious about the flavour of Windows on these devices, especially with Windows Core OS still being in the rumors for that mythical Surface Phone/Andromeda/Centaurus foldable.