There have been previous reports of Surface Pro 3 problems, first with the WiFi and then with overheating, but now there’s more trouble. While some issues were fixed by previous updates, Softpedia asked its readers if they also found problems on their Surface Pro 3 units. Turns out they did… quite a bunch of them.


People went as far as claiming that the tablets were too hot to hold comfortably because of overheating, so they returned them to Microsoft. Some of the Softpedia readers have confirmed the high temperatures, plus extra issues like exaggerated fan noise when the device tries to cool down. Apparently, the Pro 3 fans are even more noisy than the older model fans, even though they’re advertised as more silent.

One reader even complained about a burning a smell when the loud fan noise kicks in. I guess it’s just a matter of time till the latest Surface Pro launched in May goes “Samsung” on us and burns a pillow or house down. It’s not yet clear if only a few units are affected by this or an entire batch, or maybe all of them, but we’ll let Microsoft take a stand on that as soon as they get wind of this.