Microsoft is said to have sold about 1.5 million Surface units, according to people with knowledge in the slaes area. That’s a very slow start, if you’re a company who wants to defeat the iPad and claim the throne of slates.


Microsoft has only sold a bit over one million Surface RT models and about 400k Surface Pros since their launches, according to 3 people in the know, who asked not to be named. MS had previously ordered 3 million Surface RTs and Brent Hill, analyst at USB AG had projected that MS would sell 2 million Surface RT devices in the December quarter, which clearly didn’t happen. The poor reception makes the Windows unit at Microsoft suffer and Windows RT/Win 8 are clearly failing to get any decent market share.

Meanwhile, Apple sold 22.9 million iPad in the December quarter and even the much criticized iPad Mini (that we actually like) sold a lot of units. Worldwide table shipments were at 128.3 million units in 2012, according to IDC, with iPad taking up 51% of the market. The Surface also lacked appeal because of the lack of apps. Even Microsoft refused to officially announce how many apps it offers, but one thing is for sure: on day one of the Surface launch there was no Twitter and Facebook available for the slate. Estimates are at 47k apps right now, really poor compared to the 300k of the iPad.

Is the Surface officially a flop? I say yes!

  • yoyoman

    I would say the Surface RT is a complete disaster, but considering the high price, 400K Surface Pros is not bad. I would expect Surface Pro sales to surpass that of the RT models in a few short months.

    You also have to remember that the Surface Pro is difficult to compare to the iPad. It has full Windows capabilities, can run the entire MS Office suite, and has an i5 processor. The problem that a lot of analysts have is that only the Surface RT can be compared to the iPad – and frankly the iPad blows it away.

  • That because they are out of touch with society and the lives of everyday people. The price points attached to these devices and not just from Microsoft but all the windows tablets are straight ridiculous. Portability is not everything. Tablet producers seem to keep forgetting that these devices have sacrificed the CD ROM drive and that software developers have really not striven to bridge that deficiency and supply what is lost in this transition from laptop to tablet. Tablet pricing should follow the pricing model established earlier between the notebooks and netbooks. Though one may also argue that touch screen control is a moving forward the technology and a significant acessability factor there are those who don’t care for touch or see it as a distinct advantage to ease of use.Set realistic price points and watch these devices fly off store shelves. Oh ask Google.

  • Camaman

    RT s dead IMO.
    Regular W8 versions might be important to some people.

    But I figure the lack of touch based apps for it is seriously holding it back.
    And lets face it… writing software for 3rd touch platform that is this young for touch apps is a serious risk to programers.

    MS should offer money to developers to catch up to 100’s of thousands of apps for iOS and Android.
    It’s not going to happen on its own anytime soon, and while they wait they are getting bad press…

    Regular people don’t care what OS it runs. They just want the apps that they need, developed to properly utilize the platform they are being run and used.

  • Davey

    I’d say it was Windows RT that was the flop. The blame for which can be laid directly at Microsoft’s marketing department’s feet!!!

    And I agree, the pricing has been a disaster also. Just way way to expensive!

  • I laugh when people ask me how the faceboook app or twitter app is on my surface pro, and I laugh and tell them they have been using a phone or pad too long. The pro is a computer that does everything, I tell them I use facebook, the cite, it does twice as much as the droid or apple app and loads just as fast, if not faster. The pro is very easy to use touch even on the desktop mode and I use an architect PROGRAM which could not be used on a pad and a few other PROGRAMS like the full office, and I use some apps for other thing. THIS IS AWESOME, Twice I have had millionaire clients ask to use my Pro because their pad couldn’t do something. That made it worth the money right there

  • And as far as clients are concerned, they are always carrying a pad and a laptop instead of just one Pro like me. I know at least 2 that will be switching to the dark side!!

  • That guy

    32 gig and 16 of it is taken by the OS!