The Microsoft Surface Phone, or the Andromeda (if they’re one and the same and that’s a pretty big “IF”) is close to being ready it seems. Sources are mentioning that there’s a Qualcomm CPU inside and a potential H2 2018 release is in talks. Even H1 is on the table…

Final prototypes are out for testing, but the software remains unsure. Microsoft did finalize the design of Surface Andromeda and its hardware, but the software isn’t ready, especially on account of the unusual form factor. As you’ve probably heard, we’re dealing with a foldable machine, or better said a dual display one with a foldable hinge down the middle. a Snapdragon 845 is said to be here and I imagine that 6 or 8 GB of RAM are in the cards.

Surface Phone is going to introduce an advanced multitasking feature, that will rely on the two hinged displays of identical size. It’ll all be focused on seamless transition from Tablet Mode to a mobile mode and viceversa. The start screen and the other UI elements are said to adapt to the Tablet/ Mobile modes as well. Andromeda OS is theoretically on track to be ready, but Microsoft isn’t going to release anything half baked this time.

Optimization, seamless functioning, both mode switching, everything has to be ready in H1 2018. While at first the device shouldn’t be able to run Win32 apps, future updates and workarounds may fix that. If you ask me, the only thing sure about the Surface Phone is that we know nothing 100% sure about it. Would love to hear more about Andromeda though.

At this point Andromeda may just be Windows 10 Mobile with a touch of Fluent Design.