It appears that Microsoft wants to cement its excellent sales of tablets and hybrids, by launching a new Surface Book model next month, one that will have very high end specs. The device is known as the Surface Book 2 tentatively and it’s said to bring a 4K display.

surface book 2

Expectations of a June debut are in line with the launch of the MacBook Pro 2016, so it all makes sense, considering Microsoft would want to offer a solid rival for that. There’s talk of a 4K display for the Surface Book 2, an upgrade from the current 3000 x 2000 pixel screen, plus an USB Type C port. Inside we could find the Intel next gen Kaby Lake processor, although we should pace ourselves, since that chip should be ready around the end of the year.

We could also see a new generation of Surface Pen and perhaps the storage will go to 1 TB and RAM should stay at 16 GB Tops. New keyboards and cover accessories should also be available and I expect the price to be around $1100 or more since debut.