Amazon Kindle Fire is starting to look like a real threat to the iPad, so Apple should start looking for a way to sue Amazon… I’m talking numbers here, that would make even Cupertino tremble. Analysts and experts are saying that Amazon already has 250k preorders secured in a mere week after showing off the Kindle Fire slate.

If this craziness continues, the $200 tablet will reach 2.5 million preorders before the tablet is launched in mid-November. Of course, at some point the growth rate will go down for the 7 inch tablet, no matter how appealing it is. The holiday season will come and Apple will probably have great offers for the iPads…

Some people will buy smartphones, others a Galaxy Note, while some will spend money on the PS Vita. So there’s a lot to choose from here. Also, the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer 2 is coming, while an Ice Cream Sandwich device is also inbound. A lot of notions to chew up here, but one thing’s for sure: Amazon has the potential to become the best selling Android tablet ever.

  • Jpswain48

    This will be the greatest case of buyer’s remorse when the kindle finally comes to the market in mid November, an eternity in the tech world now days.  Android 4.0 and quad-core tablets will be hitting the shelves with all the ingredients of a fully equip computer for an additional “BFD”, Ben Franklin dollar, for those that love acronyms.