Since Motorola XOOM has just been made available by Verizon today, it’s time for a comparison with the good old iPad. The result is the following video confrontation done by Wirefly. For starters, the XOOM is $600 on Verizon, while the iPad goes for about $629, but let’s see some specs.

The Motorola slate does 4G LTE (upgradeable to it right now), while the iPad is only available with 3G right now. The XOOM can also provide hotspot signal for 5 devices, as for the iPad, it lacks this feature. The iPad also lacks HDMI output and any type of camera, which is certainly a poor offer, compared to the 5MP sensor on the XOOM, with support for 720p video capture.

There’s also no need to compare Android 3.0 Honeycomb to iOS, since we know who the winner is, even with a quick peek at the brilliant camera interface in the newest Android and its great customizability. Also, the Moto product uses a dual core Tegra 2 CPU, much more powerful than the Apple A4 processor.