An insider report is claiming that Stephen Elop was not fond of the idea of a Nokia tablet when he took office at the Finnish company. Elop cancelled a potential Nokia tablet or eReader, according to a former Nokia employee.


That decision was taken basically on day one of Elop’s term as the company’s boss. The device was called Pine and it was a Linux-based system, that would put it dangerously close to Android. Nokia was supposed to team up with book providers to get interactive content on the slate. Apparently, there was an entire strategy team tasked with such decisions, but strangely they all favored Android.

Stephen Elop and Jo Harlow didn’t agree and went over their heads, going with Windows Phone. Meltemi OS was also the victim of Elop and who knows how many other cool device went down the drain because of the former Microsot man. Nokia’s history should become a manual of corporate decisions killing effective R&D.