Just two days from now Square, a big name in the e-payments area will begin selling an iPad-based stand hardware. The company will debut its gear in Apple retail stores from July 9th, with prices going around $299.


The news is excellent for small businesses, that can buy these systems and get rid of their old POS system. Apple has always been at the forefront of the payment system evolution, working together with the big names in this industry. Square’s CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey unveiled the new Square devices back in May and claimed back then that the Stand would be available both online and in Best Buy stores.

Other retailers will get the product as well and as far as we know, Square Stand will work with an iPad 2 or iPad 3. There’s a version for iPads with Lightning connectors in the work. Back in 2011, Apple and Square worked together just fine and the mobile payments company got sales placement on Apple’s online store.