You know what’s bad about Windows 8? Its lack of preinstalled Solitaire… Of course we’re kidding, but what about those poor secretaries and those old office workers who don’t know how to get it from the Windows Store? Well, in Windows 8 it didn’t come preinstalled, but in Windows 10 it will.


Previously, if you ran Windows 8.1 or Windows 8, you had to go to the Windows Store to get the popular game. Now the same version from the Store will be available from the start with Windows 10. It’s not yet clear if the same approach will be followed by Minesweeper or Hearts, that were also lacking from Windows 8. Solitaire has filled many long hours for security guards, secretaries and probably a few other jobs.

Of course, some people prefer playing Halo, but that’s an entirely different public segment. Windows 10 is said to come in July, sporting the famous Start menu, Cortana and some UI changes. Would be cool if Microsoft changed its basic preinstalled game package for once, with something more appealing.

  • Yaakov

    so where is Solitaire in win10?????? I have spent, literally hundreds of hours on Solitaire.

  • GlenS

    There are many people that use their computer to read email, check the social media and play games. But it’s obvious that Windows 10 is not for most of these people. Yes, the old games are available at the Microsoft Store, but I stopped the registration process at the point where they asked for the password to my computer. There is no legitimate reason that they should need my password and It’s foolish to give anyone the password to your computer. If I had I known this before buying this new Dell computer I would have bought a different computer and installed Linux Mint.
    Shame on Microsoft and Dell.
    Do not let them trick you into giving them any password to your computer so they can access it without your knowledge.