How you feel about spending $189,000 on an iPad? Sounds extreme? Well, we are talking about a solid gold tablet, with encrusted diamonds, so it kind of makes sense. We’ve seen golden iPhones before, but never a tablet.

Designer Stuart Hughes is behind this idea, now selling a 64GB 3G iPad with an entire aluminum unibody casing replaced with a 22 carat gold one.

The Apple logo at the back of the device is encrusted using 53 flawless diamonds, in an obscene display of wealth. What changes with this beautification of the tablet? For starters its weight, since now the iPad weighs 4.4 pounds, quite heavy for your average millionaire to carry around.

We’re curious to see how all that gold will affect 3G radio reception, specially since the black plastic insert at the top edge of the case is missing.

[via IntoMobile]