We’ve been hearing about a “BlackBerry tablet” for a while now, but BGR has finally received some detailed info about the device, apparently from a pretty trusted source. Apparently, the slate will feature a 8.9 inch display and it’ll be sold as a companion device. We also learned that the tablet won’t support cellular networking, relying on a Bluetooth connection to your BlackBerry phone or simply the on-board WiFi.

The same mystery sources say that the BlackBerry Tablet will debut in December, but the team working on it is trying to get the slate out earlier than that. Also, the device is focused more on the multimedia side and stuff like e-books, emailing, web browsing, photo viewing and such functions.

Is a BlackBerry companion what we want for from the great RIM? What’s worst is that initially the company had a project regarding a monochrome tablet, a Kindle rival of some sort. Where’s the multitasking, OLED, dual core wonder we’re waiting for?

[via BGR]