Sharp, the giant Japanese giant it’s getting ready for manufacturing in mass production a 600 ppi display for smartphones and tablets. This display will also pack a huge 4K resolution of 3.840 x 2.160 pixels. Also, we find out that Sharp it’s now the 2nd producer behind his main rival Japan Display.


The first batch of displays will be 5.5 inch LCD units for smartphones, followed by 7 to 9 inch versions for tablet devices. While the 5.5 inch display won’t be able to offer a 4K resolution because of the screen size, the bigger LCD units of 7 to 9 inch for tablets will most likely match the 4K resolution. It’s expected that the 5.5 inch display for smartphones to have a 800ppi pixel density.


As we can see in the picture above, right now on the market the phone with the biggest pixel density it’s Oppo Find 7, a smartphone that offers a 538ppi. These Sharp displays will enter in mass production next year, more precisely in spring, so we won’t see any smartphone equipped with this kind of displays until then.