Sharp has just announced the Galapagos Tablet and Service, that will be available starting Friday 10, in Japan. You’ll find the devices in two versions: a 5.5 inch unit, available in red, dubbed EB-W51GJ-R and in silver, dubbed EB-W51GJ-S. These units go for $473, while the other version, the 10.8 inch will cost $642.

The 5.5 inch Sharp Galapagos supports a 1024 x 600 pixel resolution, while the larger screen goes with the 1366 x 800 pixel one. Other common things to be found on these devices: microSD, customized Android OS and e-books. Sadly, the tablet won’t be shipping with wireless N support, so you’ll just get B and G.

If you’re into sizes, the smaller slate weighs 220 grams and measures 92x167x12.9mm, while the 10 incher weighs 765 grams and measures 177x286x14.7mm. Here’s a video detailing the products: