Notion Ink recently updated its blog with some info on their long-awaited slate, the Adam, that is now undertaking FCC testing. They also posted a bunch of teasers, suggesting that December 6th is a big day for Android and that you’ll learn how fast their multitasking UI works with Gingerbread. Supposedly, they’ll play a part in the debut of the OS and maybe allow us to pre-order Adam on that date.

It’s likely that Notion Ink Adam will launch with Android 2.3 pre-loaded and some other details about this device include a note-taking app that will collate screenshots and browser text. A password-protected email function is also on board, for you to lock a message only to be seen by its receiver.

There’s a little bit of extra bonus for the commenters on the Notion Ink blog, who will benefit of limited pre-orders, before the general public gets them.