Digging back in the archives of Nokia we find that they had some nice projects in early 2000, including a tablet. Back in 2001 there was a secret Nokia slate built, shown below.


Finland’s ISTV has managed to score this product and showed it live, during an exclusive interview with Esko Yliruusi. He worked as a data communications specialist at Nokia from 1996 through 2001 and also worked on the device. The tablet was very innovative back then and it’s a totally different concept than the iPad.

Of course, the device is much bulkier than other tablets we’ve seen, even older prototypes. We’ve even seen a Surface-style kickstand, that helps you prop up the machine vertically. The screen seems rather primitive since it’s monochrome and interfacing is all about buttons, on both sides of the screen. There was also a Microsoft Tablet PC back in 2001, that never took off, so this is one for the archives as well…

Where would Nokia be today if they made it thinner and God forbid, color?