Chromebooks have been evolving quite a bit lately, but their future seems uncertain, as we approach the release of Andromeda OS and the Nexus series already fell victim to Google’s new strategy. To strengthen the belief that Chromebooks are totally solid laptop replacements we’ve got some fresh rumors about Samsung’s upcoming Chromebook Pro.


The Samsung Chromebook Pro is supposed to be released these days, without a clear date, but some details leaking on the web nevertheless. Interestingly, the device should also have an S Pen stylus in the mix. No other Chromebook has this feature and it’s nice to see Samsung compromising and offering a trademark feature on an otherwise Google-branded product.

With Google Play in tow on several Chromebooks, possibly this new one too and a stylus in the mix we may finally be dealing with a productivity tool that may steal people away fro the Surface Pro and iPad Pro. Rumors talk about a release of the device at $499, which is clearly below the previously mentioned rivals. Word has it that the device will come with a new feature from Chrome OS, “Wake On Voice”, aside from the stylus and Google Play.

This laptop is rumored to come with a 12.3 inch 1600 x 2400 pixel res display, a 2 GHz hexa core CPU, 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. 10 hours of battery life and two USB Type C ports should also be here.