We found out over the past 2 weeks that a few bad schedules from Samsung’s partners and its own facilities will see the Galaxy S5 camera not getting optical stabilization. Now Samsung is preparing for the next gen cameras, that will debut in the second half of next year and may make it to the next Galaxy Note.


It appears that Samsung is willing to compensate the lack of OIS with extra megapixels. Samsung expects that 25% of its smartphones in 2014 will pack high end 16 megapixel camera modules. This means about 90 million units, but the limited supply of parts may hinder that, or at least the inclusion of technologies like OIS.

Autofocus actuators are to blame, among other components. That’s the price you pay when you’re a huge company and you have to deliver an impressive number of units when rolling out a product. And keep in mind that Samsung wasn’t happy with 40 million Galaxy S4 units sold in about half a year or so and they want more…