The Nexus 7 is seen as one of the most competitive products launched last year and expected to show up in 2013 as a leading product as well. The Asus manufactured tablet is closes to being declared the perfect Android device, packing wonderful specs and the latest version of the OS.


With the 7 inch Android device market exploding after the launch of the Nexus 7, rumors have it that some manufacturers are looking to overtake the Nexus 7 in the category where it wears the crown – price/performance wise. Digitimes reports that Samsung is willing to raise the bar and offer a $149 priced 7-inch device to seem more valuable then the Google product.

The top Android device manufacturer is already rumored to launch several tablet devices of all sizes during MWC next month. It is expected that the manufacturer will announce an 8-inch tablet as well as the 8-inch Galaxy Note already shown in hands-on images. From there to the 7-inch tablet category tit is one simple step for the Korean Giant but not an easy one. Once the line is crossed, Samsung may be forced to lower the prices for its leading products to seem more competitive on the market.