Samsung not only has a big event scheduled on the 15th of this month, but they also have their own Unpacked show at the IFA 2012 Berlin event. The latter’s invitations have just started being sent out to the media and those interested in the new product. Seeing that there’s a big stylus on the invite, it’s pretty clear that it’s all about the Galaxy Note II.

The question remains now if we’ll see the Note II on the 15th or see that rumored 11+ inch quad core Samsung tablet with Retina Display resolution, that has been rumored recently. Back to the Galaxy Note II, the latest rumors say that the screen of the new phablet is a big larger, around 5.5 inches, but the body is slimmer than the one of the original Note. Rumors even go as far as saying that Samsung will actually launch a device with a flexible screen.

People are very amped up about the debut of the new phablet and so am I, seeing that the first model set the trend for other companies to venture into 5+ inch areas. LG, ZTE and Lenovo have been exploring this field and if I’m not mistaking Panasonic as well. It would be mint to see both the Galaxy Note II and the Retina Display Galaxy Tab at IFA!