It appears that the Apple versus Samsung court duel has some extra advantages for Apple, aside from the usual… winning. They also get to see future products of their rivals, like it just happened with the “Retina Display” 11.8 inch tablet that Samsung is preparing and that they leaked via court documents.

As you know, July 30th was a court date for both companies and a huge amount of documents was analyzed. That pile included a mention of a tablet codenamed P10, that would come with LTE and a 11.8 inch display with a 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution. Earlier this year, Apple pushed the Retina standard into the tablet world and now Samsung is about to do the same, but in a larger format. At 11.8 inches it’s very hard to keep up the Retina Display standard, so the P10 barely qualifies for that, reaching 256 ppi.

A bigger tablet with a high resolution from Samsung was rumored late last year and earlier this year people at MWC and CES claimed to have played with it in the backstage of the show, saying that they couldn’t reveal more. It’s strange to see the plans being delayed for so long, but I have a feeling that the fear of lawsuits may have something to do with it. With the upcoming Samsung event in August, supposedly meant for revealing the Note II, is it possible we could actually see this bigger tablet?