Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3 lineup is supposed to include at least 3 models, with the 7 inch and 8 inch units being a sure thing right now. The 10 incher of the series is a mystery and it was recently associated with the Samsung GT-P5210 model spotted at the FCC.


The device got the FCC approval and we’ve got some details that confirm the 10 inch screen, the fact that this is a WiFi only version and a model name the fits within the Galaxy Tab 3 family. The 7 incher is the P3210 model, so this kind of makes sense. No info about the rumored Intel Atom CPU, though…

Samsung’s June 20th event may bring us the entire Galaxy Tab 3 lineup, although lately Sammy preferred to make launches out of the blue, like they did with the Galaxy Mega devices. We’re still not sure if the 10 inch Galaxy Tab 3 and the Galaxy Tab 3 Plus we’ve heard about months ago are one and the same, but I have a feeling that in about a month everything will be revealed.