Samsung brought two new tablets to MWC 2017 and the question on everyone’s mind is whether or not the Galaxy Tab S3 can match the iPad Pro, obviously the 9.7 inch version. Recombu felt the need to answer that and that’s how the comparison video below was born.

First things first, both are very slim devices, but the Tab S3 takes things to a new level, with a 6 mm waistline. Of course the iPad Pro is 6.1 mm, so you won’t tell the different. The Galaxy Tab S3 opts for a glossy back made of glass, while the iPad Pro is all metal. The Samsung model is clearly prone to fingerprints and smudging, so that’s a minus.

The colors on the Sammy slate are more punchy, while the iPad Pro goes with more realistic ones. Also, judging by the video the Samsung model is a bit brighter and has improved contrast, while the HDR support also helps. The performance can’t quite be compared, since both come with high end specs and aren’t prone to hiccups. Both slates have 4 speakers with excellent volume and when it comes to accessories, the new S Pen seems to be a very solid rival for the Apple Pencil.

The keyboard of the iPad Pro is comfier when doing input, so that’s also something to remember. If you want a conclusion be sure to watch the comparison below.