If you’re one of the owners of the original Samsung Galaxy Tab slate, know that in spite of the fact that Samsung won’t be offering an Android 4.0 update to you, there’s still a chance to get ICS on your device. That can happen through CyanogenMod 9, the famous custom ROM that also includes ICS. The community has been hard at work for this port and we’ve even seen it on the likes of the Amazon Kindle Fire and HP TouchPad.

Of course, like all initial ports, functions like the camera for example don’t work, but at least you get to have a bite out of Android 4.0. The XDA Developers link below offers more details, if you’re interested in tweaking your Galaxy Tab model. What works is the phone calls and messaging area, that apparently was broken in the latest build, as well as audio, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, gyro and light sensors. The devs behind this project advise users to wipe data and reinstall the zip if they encounter any bugs.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: why doesn’t Samsung try to offer the official ICS update to the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S, since they work so well with this OS in the developers’ ports? Is it really that hard to do something that Sony and HTC manage to do?