All of you Samsung Galaxy Tab owners who hope to get a taste of the future Android releases will be disappointed to learn that Honeycomb, for example, might require dual core CPUs to run. This leaves the Galaxy Tab on the outside and makes us consider buying its follow-up that we’ll surely see this year.

Right now, NVIDIA’s Tegra 2, the dual-core ARM Cortex A9 chipset is seen as the reference point for the minimum specs required to run Honeycomb. Also 720p screens are required for Android 2.4 as Honeycomb is known now, according to some folks who dismissed its identity as Android 3.0. The decision to only run Honeycomb on high end tablets will leave millions of tablet owners stranded, as they bought the Android 2.2 devices, in spite of Google’s warning.

We remind you that the search engine giant announced that Android 2.2 wasn’t suited for the tablet experience, so future versions of the OS were going to fix that. CES 2011 will show us the first slates fit to run Android 2.4/Honeycomb and we’re really curios to see how Google will appease the early Android tablet adopters, who won’t get updates.