Once again fresh news about tablets come from Italy, courtesy of Notebook Italia… This time they’ve found out that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus will be priced at 499 euros. Also, the slate will be released in November and its pricing will be kept for the rest of European countries.

This direct follow-up to the first Galaxy Tab comes with a 7 inch display with 1024 x 600 pixel resolution, Android 3.2 Honeycomb and a dual core 1.2GHz processor. 1GB of RAM and 16/32GB of internal memory plus a 3MP/2MP dual camera combo make up the perfect specs list for this price. 720p HD video capture is promised and if you want a conversion, the price is $668, that can buy you 3 Kindle Fire slates and leave you some money for donuts… a lot of donuts.

With all the recent 7 inch tablets, this is probably the format to look into in the future and even Apple might feel its appeal sooner or later. Now let’s see if the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus doesn’t get the same bans and problems like its predecessors… If I were you, I’d wait for everything to settle down and the new Galaxy Tab to be subsidized.