It’s finally that time of the month again, when we get to unbox and review fresh new devices. This time we have a controversial device on our hands, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, that for a while was theoretically banned in Europe, after Apple’s legal attack against Samsung for presumably copying the iPad with this device.

This is certainly a slate to keep an eye out for, since it’s thinner and lighter than the iPad 2, plus it delivers Honeycomb in an excellent package. The box of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 includes the device, a bunch of manuals, a charger, cable and most importantly headphoens. It’s not often that we get to see tablet makers actually caring about the audio side and giving us headphones.

The first contact with the slate makes it feel dangerously thin, maybe even too thin for my big hands. It feels like I could drop it any time, but the finishes are elegant and overall the tablet looks great. One thing I noticed immediately is that this doesn’t look like a 10 inch tablet at all, so the display is very well integrated into the small chassis. We’ll be back with a full review in a couple of days.