What’s going on in Australia?! I get it that in Germany the Galaxy Tab is completely banned and even the modified Galaxy Tab 10.1N is about to be removed from all shops, but in Australia everything has gone mental with this slate. This week alone we’ve heard about the ban of the slate being lifted down under, only to be extended back again afterwards.

On December 9th, the court will make a decision regarding Apple’s option of appealing the ruling or not. Australian High Court Justice Dyson Heydon issued the order yesterday to extend the ban of the product for one more week… Days ago, when Samsung heard that the ban was cancelled (seemingly), they started planning a launch event in Sydney for this Friday, but it went to shambles after the fresh news.

Samsung had previously stated that if the banned isn’t lifted till Christmas they’ll cancel the release in the country for good. What we saw on Tuesday this week was a reversal of the initial ban, one that went into action on October 12th, once the court ruled in favor of Apple. The reason to reach court was Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung on account of copying the iPad and iPhone. Is it me, or is this story getting ridiculous?