The ASUS Transformer Prime might be the next big thing, since it’s got the quad core CPU and all, but does it have it takes to surpass the iPad 2 performance? The guys of Android Community compared the two slates through a couple of benchmarks and the good old iPad 2 announced this Spring still manages to kick behinds and take names…

One of the benchmarks was SunSpider, a test based on JavaScript benchmarking and the Internet browsing. It determines how well your Internet works on your machine. For comparison sake, Android Community also included in the mix the first Eee Pad Transformer. The iPad 2 did pretty well, but the four core Transformer Prime came on top, with iPad 2 second and the older Transformer third.

Next up, the Browsermark benchmark showed a tight battle between the iPad 2 and Transformer Prime, actually more tight than you’d expect between a quad core and dual core machine. Of course, the latest ASUS tablet will evolve even further when the Android 4.0 update will be available on it. And finally, the turn of GLBenchmark 2.1 came, testing the actual GPU processing cores in the devices. This is where the iPad 2 killed the competition, proving that the Tegra 3 is still no match to Apple technology… what will they come up with next?

  • Ralph

    It doesn’t mean anything about which tablet is the fastest. Why? Because the Android tablets are still too buggy and unstable. I know. I own an iPad and an Acer Andriod tablet. The iPad, while not perfect, is far superior to the Andriod tablet. None, repeat, none of the Android browsers are stable and they easily crash. I wouldn’t dare do anything serious on one. And since Android doesn’t QA any of the apps in their app store, like Apple does, most of the Android apps are, well, let’s just say, not very good and let it go at that.

  • You are soo right. I also have an iPad and a Iconia 501 with 3G. The only thing that makes me keep the Iconia is that I want to learn Android, otherwise I would have gave it away.

    Nvidia blew it, again….. I think that Texas Instruments is the way to go, hope to see more tablets with this SoC.

  • guest

    “proving that the Tegra 3 is still no match to Apple technology…” 

    Getting tired of all of these biased reviews.  Very few apps have been optimized for the tegra 3.    We have yet to see what it can actually do.  Seen above, prime wins one, ipad 2 wins one.  Plus it is $100 cheaper than the ipad 2.  I understand that some people like apple passionately and some don’t.  But you don’t have to completely dismiss a product simply because it doesn’t have the apple name on it.