We had a piece here showing you that a few APK files from the Galaxy Note 3 confirm the presence of a fingerprint scanner. Now the folks of Mobilissimo.ro published some fresh pictures of Note 3 cases, that can be seen below.


At the end of the article you can see a Pantech Vega LTE-A, a South Korean phone with a setup similar to the one we expect on the Note 3. Why did we mention that? Well, because Samsung may apply the same strategy and use the extra space for a fingerprint scanner. Initially one would think that the large gap in the case is meant for a Xenon flash, but what if it’s not?


It may just be a fingerprint scanner, in the end, especially after the APK confirmation coming from @evleaks. Tomorrow is a big day folks, because Sammy will introduce the new Note finally and every rumor will come to fruition or dismissal. We’re only hours away from the big event. Any last words?