Samsung seems ready to counter the Huawei Mate X2 rumors with their own Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 leaks. Sources from South Korea have spilled the beans on the potential successor of yet unlaunched Fold. Let’s have a look.

Samsung is now said to be increasing the diagonal size of the device and it’s also said to bring S Pen stylus support to it. The first Galaxy Fold was a 7.3 incher with a notch, but the follow-up will use an 8 inch screen sans notch. It gets closer to the size of an iPad Mini or Galaxy Tab A and further from the definition of an actual “phone”.

Industry sources are also claiming that the newcomer will receive S Pen support and a bundled stylus. This may pose a problem, as you need a Wacom digitizer for that to work. None of that has been achieved with foldable surfaces yet. Samsung may use a new Wacom digitizer, or make its own. And then there’s the rumor about a vertical clamshell format for the new foldable, similar to the new rumored Moto RAZR.

That one sure sounds like a 21:9 device to me, considering Sony and Motorola are already doing it. I think we’ll learn more at IFA or maybe in November one year after the unveiling of the Galaxy Fold panel. One thing that Samsung must do for sure is fix the gaps in the design, get rid of all creases and somehow protect the screen from scratches.