Samsung Galaxy Fold is not even out yet and there’s already a Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 concept out there. There’s plenty to correct and fix and designer Concept Creator did it all. Let’s check out his concept.

The device fixes the format of the Galaxy Fold, that left a lot of room unused. A novelty is the stylus slot and the product has a rectangular approach, unlike the square one of the original. The two parts now come together as one, completely sandwiched and without leaving empty room or space between the parts.

The notch has been replaced with a camera cutout within the screen. We still have plenty of screen estate, with the main folding screen at 7.2 inches and another extra screen outside, at 5.4 inches. The big screen panel includes a dual camera cutout and a Time of Flight sensor, which feel a bit overkill for a supposedly front camera.

The amount of detail and work involved in this concept is downright impressive. Just the sync of the frames with the music must’ve been hard. I’m getting some serious Samsung Galaxy W vibes here, when the device is closed and it looks much better than the Galaxy Fold 1. The stylus feels like overkill. I’d take this over the Huawei Mate X.