Yesterday on August 13th we had the Samsung Unpacked event in New York, show where both the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus were officially announced. As you already found out, these devices are packing some amazing specs such as 5.7 inch Quad HD panels, 4 GB of RAM memory and a Wireless Charging feature that juices-up the phone in just 2 hours.


In spite of these new products revealed, Samsung seems to forgot something. If you remember, a couple of days before the Unpacked event, we got see some teasers. One came from Samsung Philippines and revealed that Samsung will release three new products: Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Galaxy Note 5 and another device that looked like a tablet with metallic frame just like the two phones.

Well, this last device wasn’t showed up on the scene, so we’re currently wondering what really happened. The most plausible case stands behind the fact that Samsung might have change its mind and decided to launch this product at IFA 2015 in Berlin, show that starts in September.

We also thought that this might be the Keyboard Case that Samsung unveiled, but as you can see in the teaser, the product offers a metallic frame and a plastic band for the antenna. In the same time its overall lenght seems a lot bigger compared to the S6 Edge+ and Note 5.