Samsung has filed 7 new trademarks and patents in December with the USPTO, most of them related to mobile devices, including handsets and tablets. Among them we find stuff like “T Turbowrite & Rapid Mode”.


They cover solid state drives, mobile phones, portable computers and tablets. These aren’t very detailed, but I see that “flip covers for mobile phones” and TV receivers are included, so it may have something to do with TVs. Samsung also trademarked 3 names: Showplace, Infinitude and Panagon. Those may refer to devices or services and the patent says that they involve LCD large screen displays, digital cameras, mobile phones and tablets.

Finally, they patented the Samsung Triangle Design, covering all air conditioners and Samsung Financial Solutions, related to financing of purchases and leasing purchase financing. The 3 names mentioned above sound like excellent codenames for new tablets, which we are expecting at MWC 2014 and CES.