Samsung is a strong force in the smartphone industry, but it’s also a big name in the area of tablets and PCs, show the latest figures from IDC. The South Koreans barely beat Apple with a 21.2% share of all smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops in Q4 2012, with Apple sitting at 20.3%.


Together these two companies account for almost half of the entire world’s mobile and personal computing devices. Apple had a dramatic increase from 15.7% share in Q3 2012 thanks to the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. Meanwhile, this year, the Galaxy S4 will certainly boost Samsung’s share for the months to come, keeping it the leader of the smartphones and also on top in the area of tablets, desktops and laptops.

Overall, tablets sales are up and desktops and laptops are struggling and continuing to decline, showing that people are entering the post PC era. If we consider that the Galaxy Note 8.0 is getting ready to enter the stores soon and Samsung hasn’t even unveiled the Galaxy Tab 3 series, there’s a long road ahead for the company to dominate the tablet market.