The Apple iPad remains the top dog in the tablet area, in spite of losing some serious sales over the past two years. Meanwhile, the iPad Pro also took the top spot among touch detachables over the past holiday season. The trend continued to repeat in Q1, Q2 and Q3 this year and has been confirmed by a recent J.D. Power 2016 US Tablet study.


That study covers the customer’s satisfaction regarding a variety of products. Well, the iPad won this survey for the past 4 quarters and was also dominant in the tablet sales area. Even today everyone must admit that it was Apple that made tablets cool, with the first iPad back in 2010. Various attempts at launching such products failed and then Apple finally found the ideal format.

With iOS apps to help, a solid design and battery, it was clear that the product would be a hit. The last years brought an uprise among detachables, but even that segment is covered by Apple with the iPad Pro models and accessories. Microsoft has also found success within the Surface range, but still not on an iPad level. Apple and Samsung continue to dominate the slate market globally, but the whole segment has been stagnating seriously over the past year.

Even with detachables innovating, the market has already been saturated with such portable devices and basically everyone has one or two tablets laying around the house. And the upgrade cycles are much longer here than for smartphones. Maybe a switch to curved OLEDs could turn up the heat.

  • Robert Jasiek

    iPads are weak at file management, operating system security, multi user and capabilities of specialised software.

    Windows tablets / detachables are weak at unifying all of low display ratio, very low reflection, high brightness, long battery life, reasonable and long-term battery replacement service, good WLAN distance and quality, stable and pleasant chassis for long hand-holding.

    Missing is a combination of the advantages of iPads and Windows tablets.

  • ChrisLaarman

    I agree. Of all my devices I default to one of my iPads. Not my Pixel C or Surface Pro 3 (Core i5).

    However, I resort to a Mac or a Windows / Linux system for moving files around. Despite Total Commander for Android.

    @ Robert Jasiek:
    I do hope that the AFS file system will provide iOS with a more standard storage structure (for /local/ files, as cloud services and removable storage(!) don’t pose that problem), thus paving the way for two-pane file managers (not counting obsolete Cloud Commander, and meanwhile recommending Documents 5).