2013 was a huge year for tablets and if things go on like this, the domination of this segment will expand greatly in the years to come. Samsung and Apple are expected to lead the tablet charge next year and the entire segment is expected to reach almost 300 million units in 2014.


The actual number is 285 million and that’s pretty impressive, considering this is the number of devices that people will own from “big name tablet makers”, as new research shows. Among those big brands Samsung and Apple stand out, but sadly ABI Research didn’t specify which of them will come out on top. ABI says that the numbers are worldwide, but the US stands apart from the stats.

The States will get 70 million tablets, meaning one for every 4 or 5 persons. Apple will rule this market, obviously, but Samsung will also be a big winner in 2014. The company gained 20% in Q3 2013 alone, so imagine what they’ll do in 2014, especially with a 100 euro tablet coming up. While iOS and Android are still battling for domination in the tablet OS area, I guess that 2014 will finalize Android’s rule of this segment, through a huge number of devices.