As you might already be aware, the Apple iPad reached pre-order status on Friday and it even managed to score a record, selling 120,000 units in a single day. These are early estimates, so the numbers may grow, but they still show quite a success. The 120,000 were only sold on Friday, so this is a very impressive feat, even for Apple.

The largest numbers were associated with the WiFi-only iPad, that’s due out on April 3rd. Strangely enough, the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models were equally split in sales, so people don’t care that much about price, when it comes to more storage. What does this amount of units mean to the Cupertino giant? Well, about $75 million made in the first day of pre-order.

A simple calculus shows that Apple was selling about 25,000 units every hour and if they go on like this, they’ll pull an iPhone once again. April 3rd should tell us more about the fanboys and their will to line up in front of stores once again… We have to mention that the Apple Stores worldwide went down at some point, with the many people clogging the pipe to get a tablet.

If you’re wondering about the 3G iPad, it’ll be shipped in late April 2010, priced at $629, $729 and $829 and up for pre-order now.

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