Apple seems to have released the iPad 5 aka iPad Air as more of an obligation to its fans and a tradition, rather than a product that is actually wanted by fans. Recent statistics and studies all point towards the domination of 7 and 8 inch slates, so 9 and 10 inchers are dying.


Stephen Baker of the NPD Group is saying that his company’s research has found that sales of slates that measure under 9 inches have grown by 550% this year alone. Tablets that have more than 9 inches in diagonal have dropped in sales by 36% in the same time frame. Of course, if there’s one cool big tablet to buy, that’s probably the iPad Air, or maybe the Note 10.1 2014.

Before the new iPads were launched, experts estimated that the iPad Mini 2 will sell two to one compared to the latest 9.7 inch iPad. It’s interesting to notice that the two new products are closely priced, with only $100 between them. Then there’s also the iPad Mini 1 from last year, dropped to $299 now, appealing in its own way. What to get?