In case you don’t follow the news, we’re in a bit of a cold war right now and the high end technology may as well play a part in that. It would appear that the Russian officials fear espionage, so they gave up their iPads.


They swapped them for Samsung tablets, in order to ensure tighter security, apparently. The information comes from the Russian telecoms minister and it was quoted by major news agencies. Journalists took notice that the officials were not using Apple slates at a recent meeting. The Samsung products were said to be “specially protected devices that can be used to work with confidential information”.

There’s also a theory that this is sort of a boycott of US products, in light of the recent tensions between USA and Russia, but the Moscow officials have denied that. Things have gone a long way since the enthusiastic Dmitry Medvedev visited Silicon Valley in 2010 and got an iPhone from Steve Jobs as a gift.