Two days left till the big event kicks off and we’re taking a break from Apple Tablet-related rumours to focus on a brand new concept of the device. Dubbed the MacView, this is a multimedia tablet with dual touchscreens, created by Patrycjusz Brzezinski. One of the touch displays serves as the keyboard and we learn that the device runs Mac OS X.

The concept tablet is uber slim, at 7 mm, its battery life is 10 hours and it comes with Bluetooth, WiFi, 1TB SSD (wow) and 4GB RAM. It also supports Ebooks, video playback, a 1152 x 720 pixel resolution, and it can be used as a notepad. The product measures 24 x 15.6 cm and it uses Safari for web browsing purposes.

Although we pretty much expect the Apple Tablet to be a one piece device, we wouldn’t mind seeing it look something like this.

[via Behance]