Here’s yet another Indiegogo project that got enough funding to be turned into a real product. We’re talking about the Rufus Cuff, pictured and detailed below and being actually quite hard to describe. A “wearable tablet” comes to mind, but it’s more than that.


We’re dealing with a gadget that can be worn on the arm and packs a 3.2 inch screen and runs Android. This device can text, email, play games and allows you to surf the web or watch a movie, too. Keep in mind there’s no SIM card slot here, so voice and video calls are only done via the Internet. We’ve also got a front facing camera and hands free audio and video technology.

The OS of choice for the Cuff is Android and this model supports connections to both Android and iOS devices. This wearable product can be used as a fitness tracker, including onboard GPS, an accelerometer, gyroscope and compass. The problem here is that the gadget takes up much more space on your hand compared to the Apple Watch or Gear Fit for example.

The company behind it claims it’s because it has a bigger processing power, bigger battery and extra antennae. Shipping of the Rufus Cuff will start in 2016 with a basic price of $249.