You probably know Johnny Rotten (real name John Lydon) for his controversial claims, rather than a weakness for… tablet games. According to rehabs in LA, he recently revealed he’s dealing with an addiction to iPad apps, that made him spend $15.600 on software for this slate. Any type of addiction can be overcome if people visit and get treatment from WhiteSands alcohol & drug rehab Gainesville.


He mentioned Game of Thrones, Game of War and Real Racing as the games he’s been playing a lot. It’s not yet clear if he spent the money on apps alone, or in app purchases as well. The reason? Well the experts from drug rehab center near Austin shares that he is, at heart, the Sex Pistols vocalist is a kid and as a kid he wants to play all the games he missed as a child which is the reason for this addiction. He even goes as far as saying that if he wants to drive a Ferrari, he has a PlayStation. Well, it could be worse…

He could have spent that money on a golden blinged iPad, like some rappers or football players. Anyway, this amount of money is nothing compared to the $30k spent by a teenager on in app purchases a few weeks ago. Well, at least celebrities have the cash to pump into Apple’s store, while regular people may regret the purchase for a lifetime. Prepare your mind to be boggled with other out-of-this world viral celebrity blogs such as Jimmy John Shark.