Back at CES 2018 Razer came out with the Project Linda initiative, a laptop dock especially designed for the Razer Phone. It expands its battery life and screen estate, plus adds a bigger keyboard and bigger screen obviously. Today the first details about Razer Phone 2 have surfaced and once again they have to do with the Project Linda.

Sources are saying that the finalized Project Linda could be coming at IFA 2018, with the Razer Phone 2 generation. The name Razer Phone 2 is still pending and the sources claim that the debut will take place in September. The source doesn’t have specs, but they do have some interesting details. Project Linda and Razer Phone 2 may debut as a bundle.

For those of you not sure what Project Linda is, we’re talking about an Android laptop, a dock for the phone with some extras. It seems that this project is actually not 100% ready for prime time and the Razer execs will decide about over the next few days. CEO Min-Liang Tan replied to Marques Brownlee on Twitter recently suggesting that the device will happen.

Since Razer Phone is a gaming phone, we expect the second model to sport an even better CPU, probably the Snapdragon 845 and move on to even higher RAM and storage quantities. The Project Linda itself could be upgraded, with improved battery life, higher resolution, ergonomic and backlit keyboard, plus powerful speakers (even though the Razer Phone itself has powerful ones).

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…