While I myself am still stunned that there’s such a thing as 4K display laptops, here goes another stunner: Razer just unveiled a laptop with 3!! displays. Not one, not two, but three screens on a rig you’re supposed to carry around. Unveiled at CES 2017, as Project Valerie, the device’s bizarre design is shown below.

Every gamer that considers himself or herself hardcore already has a setup with 2 or 3 screens at home, so why not on the go, too? Project Valery is merely a prototype, as the name itself tells you. This gear provides you with three 17.3 inch 4K displays, for a total of 12K viewing space. The screens are able to slide out of the central lid chassis and they autonomously prop themselves up to offer a full 180 degree view area.

Nvidia’s Surround View tech is behind the scenes, letting you spread programs and their image across 3 monitors. Razer’s short throw keyboard is also here, plus an all aluminum case and the CPU power is ensured by the same core that moves the 17 inch Blade Pro. We also get all the hardware requirements to play with VR stuff, like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

A Core i7 mobile CPU is embedded, plus Nvidia GTX 1080, tons of RAM and all of that goes up to 1.5 inches in thickness and a weight of less than 10 pounds. Crazy? Yeah, I know.