We’d think that a famous film maker such as Spike Lee would have a better portable device for taking videos than an iPad 2… Well, he used Apple’s latest tablet to take a picture/video of president Barack Obama, as shown in the image below. Supposedly, the device does HD capture and we’d really like to see the result of this attempt.

This is not the first time that the iPad 2 is used for such purposes, as the device was recently involved in shooting the red carpet premiere of The Kennedys mini-series, so this is becoming a popular tool these days. I, for one would resort to a better camera, let’s say the one on the iPhone 4 when filming the president of the United States and not the one on the iPad with its problems with sharpness and grainy image…

Plus, the tablet is pretty uncomfortable to carry around and pull out when a photo needs to be taken.

  • Han

    He’s lucky the president was right there. What’s the optical zoom on tablet cameras, again? 1x?