As if the OS market wasn’t crowded enough and the new initiatives as unlikely to succeed, there’s a new OS in town and it’s debuting on a Pipo tablet. It’s called Light Work OS and it comes from chip maker Rockchip. It will debut on the Pipo P9 tablet.


Don’t get very excited, as this is not exactly a totally new OS, but rather a custom version of Android 5.1, with a start menu included, a taskbar and support for running apps in windows, that can be moved all over the screen. The first tablet based on this platform is Pipo P9, that relies on a Rockchip RK3288 processor, has a 10.1 inch display with Full HD resolution and uses 2 GB of RAM.

It also brings 32 GB of storage and apparently you can turn off the customization and go back to stock Android Lollipop if you want. Turning Android into a desktop-like experience seems unusual, but for the sake of productivity, splitting the experience into windows may prove useful. Let’s see where Rockchip goes from here…