If some producers are still wondering which OS should bring on their new products, on the market there’s some Chinese companies like Pipo who started to offer devices with both Android and Windows operating system in the same package, these ones being called dual-boot tablets.


Today, Pipo announced a new 10.1-inch tablet that runs both Windows 8.1 and Android. In terms of specs, this tablet comes with a Intel Core M 14nm processor, 4 GB of RAM memory, a single USB 3.0 port, a microSD card slot and also a dock connector for a click-in keyboard.

However, in spite of the $399 price tag, we notice that the tablet pictured above arrives with a preview version of Windows, or maybe this particular device hasn’t been activated. As you may know, Microsoft is offering Windows 8 free for devices up to 9 inch, so this one skipped the offer. It remains to see if this product arrives indeed with a trial version or not.