If you’re into DJing, you may want to know that Pioneer announced a new entry level DJ Console with iOS support. It has onboard sound and it’s called the DDJ-WeGO2. The device is focused on iOS, with a grip along the back that doubles as a stand for your iPhone or iPad.


There’s even a Lightning cable thrown in the mix and we also get support for PC and Mac DJ software, with Virtual DJ LE bundled. The rest of the hardware includes two jog wheels, effects and a tiny mixing console, all of those in a compact package. If you’re just starting up as a DJ, you have a lot of hints and helping hands, including visual prompts via LEDs that flash with the beat and USB power, so one less cable to worry about.

The product goes available in October and it’s priced at $429. You get the following body colors: red, white and black. We already had a ton of software for DJs on iOS and now we also have hardware. Now let’s see Skrillex or Jonathan Davis turning it up on this device, with iPad in tow…